Mantej Yadav

Senior Project Consultant, Select Technology Systems

Currently working as a Senior Project Consultant with Select Technology Systems, Mantej has over 12 years’ experience in technology, working across Public Sector, Charities and SMB. Although from a core "hardware based solutions” background, Mantej has developed into a keen champion of virtualisation, agile working solutions, and Cloud computing. 

With the perception of IT changing from a burden that is tolerated as a must-have, to a flexible enabler of business growth, Mantej is at the forefront of driving workspace change. Developing and implementing innovative solutions that provide added value in today's fast moving business environment is his driving passion.

Session Details

Working in the Cloud with Office 365

Maidstone Hall - Room A: 12.00pm - 12.30pm

Although Office 365 has been around for a while now, some companies are still unsure as to what specific benefits can be gained from utilizing a Cloud based workspace.  

This session will focus on the features and benefits of Office 365, and how they can solve real world challenges.

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