Inspirational keynotes for 11th May

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Chas Howes, Former CFO of SuperDry

OPENING KEYNOTE (9.30am-10.20am)

"Growing Pains: From Quirky Upstart to Global Player" 

As Chief Financial Officer of clothing sensation SuperDry, Chas Howes played a key role in growing the company from a handful of stores around Cheltenham to hundreds of outlets in over 40 countries across Europe, the US, South America and Asia – increasing turnover from £41million to £314million and steering it through a troubled flotation on the London stock market.

In this riveting opening keynote, Chas will speak about the SuperDry brand, the dynamic culture that propelled the company to its position as a leading player in the international fashion industry and the challenges of being the ‘sensible one’ in a rapidly evolving bsuiness. He will share his insights into all aspects of the company, including its unique blend of modern-Japanese and retro-American style and its innovative strategy of targeting university cities, as well as its unconventional approach to advertising, celebrity endorsements and holding sales (they didn’t do any of them). 


Louise Fowler, First Direct / British Airways

LUNCHTIME KEYNOTE (12.45pm-1.30pm)

"Building an Exceptional Customer Experience"

How would your customers rate their experience of your products or service? Do they keep coming back for more? And do they recommend you to others?

Most of the world’s most successful brands now have the customer experience built into every aspect of their day-to-day operations to ensure that they stay at the forefront of their industries: an approach that is becoming ever more important in the age of social media, online ratings and word-of-mouth marketing.

In this special lunchtime keynote, marketing pioneer Louise Fowler will help you to create exceptional customer experiences for your own clients – whatever product or service you are offering – by sharing 25 years of experience with market leaders such as First Direct and British Airways, where she launched the ground-breaking BA Executive Club and the world’s first flat beds on a plane.

PLUS: KEiBA Finalists Unveiled

Join KMFM presenter Rob Wills immediately before the lunchtime keynote (at 12.45pm) to hear which companies have been nominated for this year's prestigious KEiBA Awards


BONUS KEYNOTE (12.00-12.30PM)

"Flying High: The innovative use of Drones for buildings and facilities management"

Hosted by Fabrics & Maintenance Contractors – Aerial Support Division

UAVs or Drones are becoming increasingly popular with surveyors and buildings maintenance contractors. 

With sophisticated GPS navigation and image capture they provide safe, affordable inspections, without disruption or requirement for access equipment.

This workshop assesses the typical challenges of a survey and the innovative solutions these remarkable machines accomplish.

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