Caroline Love

Co-Founder, Metis Women

Amanda, Deborah and Caroline formed Metis Women as a collaboration of skills, business mentoring, project management, nutrition and lifestyle to bring their expertise to other women in business. Metis Women encourages and supports women business owners in personal and professional growth, recognising that owning a small business has to fit in with other factors of life. Their extensive experience has meant they can offer a wide range of learning, mentoring and coaching to members by holding regular meetings, masterminds and workshops.  

Metis Women have been successful as Women's Champion for the last two years at Kent Women in Business Awards.  


Session Details

Growth in the Face of Challenges with Support and Collaboration

Keynote Theatre/ Astor Pavillion: 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Women in business face many challenges beyond that of actually running a business. The home/life juggle, isolation, under-valuing themselves and not being taken seriously by others can take their toll. We’ll show how support and collaboration of others make the difference towards building confidence and the skills for business growth.

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Inspirational Speakers from May 2017 include...

Robert Peston

Political Editor at ITV (formerly BBC Business & Economics Editor)

Rosemary Shrager

Celebrity Chef & TV Personality

Gori Yahaya

Head of Google's Digital Garage

Frazer Thompson

Dynamic CEO of Chapel Down Group

Helen Walbey

Chair for Diversity, FSB

James Sproule

Chief Economist and Director of Policy, IoD